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Seeing the sights along the Thames with a gorgeous baby and his family


I love my job.  Especially days like the one pictured below.  I get to meet lovely people like this family, stroll along the Thames snapping photos, discover a great new venue for photos (fancy a meeting in Bermondsey?), make a new friend and get cuddles from a gorgeous little fella to boot.  All in a days work!  

What do you get when you cross a traditional rocker with a classical singer?


Great things in the name of Wilford Social!  

I had the honour, and a lot of fun, photographing this vibrant duo on a bright but brisk autumn day at Crystal Palace.  My brief was to capture their vibe but making  it look like an engagement shoot.  Whilst partners on stage only, Bethie and Mark have this great rapport and complement each other in so many ways.  You can see from the wealth of stunning photos (all attributed to my amazing subjects!) how well they gel and form a dynamic team.  And the proof is not just in the photos; their live performance is a real treat!  

Catch their next gig, you won't be disappointed.  Follow their news here.

Feel good family moments with Bumble Box


What do you do for family fun on the weekend? Take the kids to the park, go to the cinema, maybe to a museum? Well, not Kimberly, the creator of Bumble Box. She dreams up amazing and unique games and activities for quality family entertainment that is low tech and great fun for all.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Bumble Box and some of their lovely subscribers on a few occasions to capture the action and enjoyment while it was happening. With activities like nature bingo, snail races, wildflower hunt, bird matching, pompom catapults and my favourite balloon tennis. What a lovely way to spend a Saturday!

Besides creating this inspiring product and brand, Kimberly is also one of those people who really makes an impression on you. She is so positive, enthusiastic and charming that you just can’t help catching some of her spirit.

While you might not have the opportunity to personally meet Kimberly, if you give Bumble Box a try for your family, I think you’ll get a pretty good idea for the genius who created such unique and inspirational family fun. You can see for yourself in the photos below all the fun these Bumble Box families were having…real feel good moments!

Journey into the secret garden


Do your little ones have a secret garden where they love to explore, make mud pies, chase fairies, go on a bear hut, build a bug house and go 'flower' (aka dandelion) picking?  I love these  special and endearing moments.  My little one appeased me with some lovely photos in our 'secret garden' in between the April snowflakes, rain drops and flashes of sunshine.  Then it was his turn with a good dig in the garden!  Happy days.

Get in contact if you're interested in a session to capture your kids in their secret garden or favourite park area. Or if you like the look of my little space, we'd be more than happy to share.

An afternoon with the creator, owner and maker of Fruition Preserves, home cooked Artisan preserves 

I had the pleasure of spending the afternoon with the lovely Wendy, photographing her stock for a refresh of her website and social media.  It was a delight to hear all about her business from the sourcing of the locally grown products to the hours Wendy spends over the gently boiling pans of the seasons fruit, the bottling, labelling, delivery to stockist and the cold, blistery weekends she spends on her stall at the local markets.  What devotion!


February is the new January

New year, new look (thanks Kate Roncoroni!) and new goals. Here’s one that I’m happy to say is now officially under way - the Portrayed Photography Blog! What better way to start than than with a look at some of my favourite photos and moments from last year?

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