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What to wear for your in studio family photoshoot

To get the most out of your photo shoot, a little planning goes a long way.  These pictures will be on your walls for years to come so consider timeless and classic over this season’s latest trend.

Here's a few tips to help get the look you're after.

What’s your style?

First think about the style - do you want something casual or smart?  Jeans and t-shirts or trousers, shirts and dresses.  For studio sessions, there should be sufficient time for wardrobe changes if you’d like to bring a change for clothes. Whatever you decide, it should be something that you’re comfortable wearing. We want everyone to be unrestricted and let their personalities shine through.


No character todays

Clothes shouldn’t be distracting or detract from what is happening in the photo. Try to avoid themed clothing (ie character shirts!), any writing, big logos or distracting patterns. These take attention away from your family and may not stand the test of time in your photographs.

Stars, stripes and patterns

Less is more in this case. Some pattern is fine but to avoid too much distraction, limit the number of patterns. Bold stripes are fine however, fine pinstripes cause distortion that is distracting to the eye.

Think colour schemes

It’s good to coordinate your colours but it’s not necessary to be exactly the same. A colour scheme with 1 to 3 complementary colours works well without becoming too busy and distracting yet give you enough leeway to work with everyone’s distinct skin tones. A simple colour palette will give a harmonious look to your photos.

To help choose your colours, you might consider your home decor and opt for colours that will blend with the scheme in your house. If you start with a colour for one person, you can build around that outfit.


Colours to avoid

Try to avoid wearing all white or black. Black looses detail and white is easily blown out and draws the eye away from the subject. Some is fine but cream or navy are better options. Also, fluorescent and vivid colours tend to colour cast or reflect back onto the face, neck and fair fair.

Break up and accentuate

Accessories are great to give a bit of variety and individual style to your photos. They add texture and a little pop to your photos and tie the colour scheme together.

Do they pass the test?

Finally, once you’ve selected all the clothing, lie them out together on the bed to see how they work together. Most importantly, wear clothes that you love and feel great in. We want you relaxed, happy and sure of yourself.  It will show!