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What to wear for outdoor autumn photoshoots

A little help planning your wardrobe

You’ve booked your photoshoot but now you face the dilemma of what to wear? Take some time to go through the wardrobe and pick out some options well in advance of your shoot. You don’t want to be digging through drawers on the morning of the shoot.

Autumn is the perfect time for outdoor photos in London. There is such a great range of colours and the shorter days and trajectory of the earth (don’t worry, I’m not about to go all scientific here) means that we’ll have softer and longer golden hours.


As with all photo shoots in any season, there are a few basics that I suggest following:

  • wear what makes you comfortable

  • dress appropriate to the weather

  • avoid distracting logos, pictures and words on clothing

  • coordinate everyone’s outfits with a few complementary colours

  • avoid black, neon and bold colours

  • use optional accessories (jewellery, scarves etc) to coordinate the colours of your group

With the vivid colours in autumn, I suggest blending softer palettes such as creams, pastel blue and pink with deep colours like mustard, orange, burgundy and navy. You can get an idea of the colours and clothes amongst the autumn backgrounds on this Pinterest board that I cerated.


Layers are key

With the unpredictability of the weather in the autumn and London at any time, be prepared for all eventualities. It’s a great opportunity to create layers with jumpers, gilets, scarves and hats. If it’s due to be really cold, you can wear your coats in between photos over your layers.

How does it look?

To get an idea how it co-ordinates together, lie the clothes out on the bed so you can get a feel for the look. And once that is decided, you can relax, get comfortable and hand the rest of the work over to me!

I look forward to our shoot 🍁