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Tips for taking good photos of your children with your iPhone

As the most photographed generation, you probably have thousands of pictures of your children on your phone whether it be selfies or half a dozen trying to catch that perfect expression. If you’re looking for a few pointers, I’ve put together some tips for you to try out. Please read on.

Get down to their level

Besides giving you an eye pleasing angle of your child, it also helps to incorporate more of an interesting background. You’re also in a better position to engage with your child if you’re down at their level.


Focus on the eyes

Eyes are the gate to the soul and tell so much about a person and are what draw the viewer to the portrait.

Plan your shoot

If you’re looking to do some portraits, think about where you’re going to shoot, what everyone will wear that will coordinate with each other and the background and how you will compose your image.

Light the scene

Whether you’re photographing indoor, outdoor, day or night, if you don’t have light or a light source, it doesn’t matter if you’re shooting on your iPhone or a pro Canon camera.

If you’re photographing indoors, try moving your subject near the window or light source. If you need to use flash or a light source, think about using an off-camera source. In this case, that can be as simple as asking a friend to turn on the torch on their phone and hold it on your subject. Play around with the distance and the angle to the subject to get different effects. Or find something that you can diffuse or bounce the light with like a piece of white board or a sheet.


Choose your moment

If you’re photographing outdoors, a photographers favourite time is the Golden Hour when the light is soft with a warm glow. I like to start about an hour before sunset when we can get a range of hues as the sun goes down. Position your subject with the sun behind them to get a magic glow.

Rule of third gird

Make your photos look more professional and interesting by composing your photo with the main subject at the intersections of the third lines. Switch the grid on under Settings>Photos & Camera.


Photo editor app

There are lots of great apps out there to give your photos a bit of an enhancement. One that I particularly like is Pixaloop. It’s a cool app that brings life to your photos by animating parts of the photo.

Avoid camera shake

Children generally move around fast enough as it is so you want to avoid any extra movement on your part that will create a blurry image. To minimise movement, try using your volume buttons to take the photo rather than the digital shutter button. If you’re using a tripod, you can use the volume buttons on your headphones to keep your hands free from any risk altogether.

Backup your images!

Have you thought about what would happen to all those photos of your children if you loose your phone or it gets damaged beyond repair? Back them up to iCloud or get a Dropbox account so you can easily share them too in full resolution.

Print to preserve

This might be the most photographed generation but what does that mean to future generations when your images are sitting on your phone or a USB in the drawer? How can your family and friends enjoy the moment for more than the nano second that it appears on facebook? Make the memories available for your child for them to enjoy and learn about their past and yours. Make a photobook (Blurb and Photobox are user friendly) of your favourite images for the year, print off a box of images that your child can sift through, apply magnetic photo paper to the back of your photos so they can stick to the fridge…whatever you do, make the special ones visible so they can be appreciated and cherished, not forgotten on the phone.


Creative inspiration

Finally, if you’re looking for some creative inspiration, watch the video on this page by Christoper Anderson commissioned by Apple.

Happy photoshooting!