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The summer colour is GREEN

I’m working with a group of talented professional photographers on the #collaborationnotcompetition project which is organised by Nina Mace Photography. We share a recent favourite image every month, around a certain theme. This month’s photography inspiration theme is GREEN.

What luck!  Green is a colour that features prominently in my life throughout the summer. As a newborn and family photographer, summer is a busy time for outdoor family photoshoots amongst all that is green in the parks, woodlands, gardens, London landmarks, lavender fields or elsewhere. Whilst the colour green can be problematic for photographers due to the colour casting and white balance, there’s such an abundance of green in midsummer, that’s it’s best to embrace it and work with it and be safe in the knowledge that it can be resolved in Photoshop.

Family photo shoot in Brockwell Park, London

Family photo shoot in Brockwell Park, London

Another green aspect that occupies much of my time in the summer is our allotment where we grow a host of vegetables and fruits to enjoy most of the year. It’s a lot of hard work but so satisfying and rewarding to grow our own food. We’re very lucky to have a special space in London where the children can learn about growing and a place where I can unwind and have some headspace. With our two plots of fruit and vegetables and one of flowers, we like to think of ourselves as Urban Farmers living our bit of the good life. 

Tending to my allotment, a hidden gem in South London

Tending to my allotment, a hidden gem in South London

Green is definitely good. 

If you’re interested in embracing the green in your life, outdoor photo shoots are the perfect way to capture natural photos of you or your family in a relaxed, informal and fun environment. You’ll also have a great set a photos to adorn your home and share with family and friends.  Contact tricia@portrayedphotography.co.uk to book or for more information.

Collaboration not competition

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