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What to expect from your newborn photography shoot - Dulwich & Herne Hill photographer

This is an exciting experience for you and your baby! Your opportunity to capture these precious early days on this amazing journey you’re about to begin.


It’s generally best to photograph baby between 5-12 days young when they are still sleepy and curled up as they were in the womb. Due to the time involved in newborn shoot from start to final images and the uncertain arrival of babies, I have limited sessions each month so it’s best to book after the 20 week scan. We’ll make a provisional booking about 10 days after your due date and we’ll both wait patiently for baby’s arrival!

Don’t be discouraged if you happen to be reading this after the arrival of your bundle of joy, please get in contact asap and I will do my best to fit you. And it’s fine if baby is older than 2 weeks. We might just have to work a bit harder and be flexible with the choice of poses.

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Newborn photography takes place in studio in Dulwich (SE21), on the borders of Herne Hill and West Dulwich, South London. I have a variety of backgrounds, blankets, wraps, hats, headpieces and posing accessories for you to choose from. We will discuss your tastes in advance so I can have things ready for your arrival. If you can’t get to my studio, I can arrange to come to you for an additional fee of £75.

Sessions can take up to 4 hours. Please don’t let this put you off. I like to think of it as 4 hours of relaxation and a bit of pampering for a tired new Mum. My loft space is warm and peaceful with relaxing white noise (womb tunes) to make baby feel comfortable and secure.

I appreciate you’ll be focused on getting out the door before the next feed and nappy change and you’ll probably forget to take care of your own needs. I look forward to taking care of Mum almost as much as the cuddle time, so you can expect to be served some home-made cake, fresh fruit, chocolates (if my kids haven’t found them first!) tea, coffee and cold drinks.

The sessions are baby-led and never rushed, allowing plenty of time for feeds, changes and settling baby. I’ll do the bulk of this and expect that you’ll be relaxing with your feet (possibly even dosing off) unless you’re needed for feeds.

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What to bring?

Baby. And a good supply of nappies, wipes, a dummy if you’re using one, baby’s drink of choice (bottle or breast), any special blankets or items that you’d like baby to be photographed with. Also bring a change of clothes for you and baby as he or she will likely have accidents on you, me, the floor, blankets, wraps etc if you’d like some bare bottomed photos. The studio will be very warm (26 - 28 C) for baby’s comfort so you might like to bring or wear something light.

What about Dad, siblings, Grandparents?

This is a special time for everyone, so yes, I love to involve other family members in the shoot. I find it often works best if we do the family photos at the beginning or end of the session or even on a separate day (no extra charge) so that the bulk of the session is focussed on the newborn and getting them settled and into the poses you’re after.

In Dad’s safe hands, today and forever…

In Dad’s safe hands, today and forever…

What happens after the shoot?

Approximately 7-10 days after your shoot, I’ll invite you back for a viewing and ordering session where I’ll show you between 20-30 images. This is the chance for you to order packages, wall art or individual prints and digital images.

Full payment is due at the time of ordering. Please see here for information about pricing.

What next?

Enjoy your photos for years to come! Print them, hang them on your walls, share them so family and friends can enjoy them too. Just don’t leave them to be forgotten on your computer!

For more information and images, please see here.

A special time for Grandma too

A special time for Grandma too